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S. J. Nelson

I like a l'il kink in my romance...

Every Author has a favorite type of story they prefer to write, paranormal, suspense, drama, contemporary and the like. I've always been the type of writer who has to push the envelope. There's nothing as entertaining as
a good menage, or a newbie in the land of BDSM.

One of my favorite writers is Laurell K. Hamilton. If you've read any of her books then, you'll definitely understand what I mean by pushing the envelope. Now, I'm nowhere near her league, but I have a few more books I'm working on that are hotter than anything I've already done. I hope you'll take a moment to journey with me as I explore the darker side of romance.


In Loving Lena, the companion tale to Keeping Pace, Lena is surprised to discover her husband has been cheating on her. No big deal, right? I mean who isn't? The problem is her husband's a Pastor and he's cheating on the down low with the choir director. The male choir director. What's a woman to do when her world and faith is shaken? She runs to the hills... of Wyoming.

Go ahead and download your copy today. Happy Reading!!!


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